Virgo July horoscope


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A solar eclipse sweeps new energy into your 11th house of goals and friends, and Mercury’s retrograde in this same sector could mean changes are on the way. A lunar eclipse in your love zone could bring a romance, child-related matter, or creative project to a head.


July continues to focus on friendships, groups, and goals, as Mercury (your ruler), Mars, the Sun, Venus, and the North Node glide through your 11th house all month and make lovely aspects to Neptune in your relationship sector, Uranus in your travel zone, and each other. 

In fact, July 2nd brings a beautiful solar eclipse to your goals house at 10 degrees Cancer, which could see you launch a new goal, event, or group project. Since this house rules your house of deepest wishes, the world is your oyster, Virgo! This is the time to make your dreams come true.

This eclipse will conjunct the fated (and lucky!) North Node in your 11th house, oppose Saturn in your love zone, sextile Uranus in your travel sector, and trine Neptune in your relationship house.

It’s possible that any goals you achieve this month will be related to romance, children, travel, fun, and relationships!

You have some really excellent aspects this month to achieve a long-held dream, so look to the following days to make your moves: July 8th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 24th. 

With Saturn and Pluto opposing your 11th house and several of these planets, however, you could find yourself torn between your group and personal obligations. Try to strike a balance. Tricky days include July 4th, 14th, 17th, and 21st.

Keep a special eye on July 9th, when the Sun will conjunct the North Node in your 11th house but oppose Saturn in your love zone. This might be an especially difficult day for romance, friendships, and children.

In fact, there's actually ANOTHER eclipse- this one lunar- in Capricorn and your love sector on July 16th. This is a very interesting eclipse, given that it is conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. Now, Saturn is a tricky planet to judge, as he can bring both very challenging and very positive developments in his wake. On the one hand, Saturn is very stabilizing. On the other, his lessons can be tough, and jarring, and pretty much final. The fact that Saturn rules Capricorn and is currently transiting Capricorn, does at least help us out a bit!

Your 5th house rules romance, fun, children, and creativity. It seems that one of these things could come to a head this month.

You might learn of a pregnancy, end a romance, complete a creative project, or put some other “baby” out into the world- something like a company, app or website.

With Saturn’s involvement, whatever it is seems heavy- the 5th house rules fun and lightness, and Saturn seems to be putting a damper on your ability to have fun for the time being. If you are a new parent, it could be that you are so busy with diapers and caregiving that you have no time for fun, games, or romance! This also does not seem to a be the best time for dating or going out on the town.

The other big thing to note this month is your ruler, Mercury's, retrograde in Leo and then Cancer from July 7th to 31st. Leo rules your 12th house of friends and goals, and Cancer rules your 11th house of goals. Unfortunately, as you know, this is not the best time to sign agreements or make decisions, so try to keep this in mind around eclipse time. It seems you may be forced into making decisions anyway.

I think that whatever news the solar eclipse brings to you about your long-term goals will force you to reshuffle other aspects of your life- perhaps romantic or child- related aspects- and Mercury’s retrograde will help you make changes. If possible try not to commit to anything too permanent during this time, as information will be changing rapidly (although with the lunar eclipse conjunct Saturn, it seems hard to avoid permanence this month!)

The month could also see you begin to close out a chapter of your life, as planets begin to enter Leo and your 12th house of closure. Watch July 11th and 29th, when Mercury (your ruler) and then the Sun in your closure house will square Uranus in your 9th house of travel. Travel and academic matters may encounter challenges today.  

Luckily, Mars will make a nice, juicy trine to Jupiter on July 25th, linking your closure and home zones, which brings very good luck to home and family matters.

Next month, there will be a new moon in Leo and your closure house on August 1st, and you will continue to close out old situations and chapters in order to make room for new beginnings.

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