Virgo monthly horoscope


Cha-ching! A new moon in your 2nd house of income on October 9th may sweep a raise or new job into your life. The moon will make a lovely trine with Mars (ruler of your other financial house) in your work zone, setting you up for dollar signs. Unfortunately, the moon will also square Pluto and Saturn in your fun and love house, suggesting you may need to pay off an expense as well, possibly related to a child, creative project, or leisure event. 

The end of the month turns your attention to your travel and learning, with a full moon in your 9th house on October 24th. The moon will reach out happily to Saturn in your love zone, suggesting you could on a foreign trip with your one and only. With Uranus conjunct the moon, it seems this could be a last minute surprise! But with the nodes of the moon tightly square this full moon, it's possible that you'll have to deal with a work or health matter first.