Scorpio August Horoscope


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A new moon in your career sector could bring a new job or promotion your way. A full moon in your home zone will bring a housing or family matter to a head. The month’s second new moon falls in your friendship sector, and may see you launch a new goal, travel, or attend a social function.


The month begins with a new moon in your career sector on August 1st, which could see you get a promotion or new job!

The moon has some very good aspects, given that it will conjunct Venus and Mars (one of your rulers), and trine Jupiter in your salary house. August 7th, 8th, and 21st are especially great days, when the Sun, Venus, and then Mercury in your career house will trine Jupiter in your income sector. Ch-ching!  

August 14th is also divine, when Venus and the Sun will conjoin in your career house. This is a great day to interview for or accept a new job!

The only trouble with the new moon is that Uranus will square it from your relationship zone, so it's possible that whatever comes up interferes with existing plans or disrupts a relationship. Perhaps a promotion causes friction with a co-worker or former boss. 

Tricky days include August 2nd, when Venus in your career house squares Uranus in your relationship zone, and August 16th, when Mercury does the same. Since Uranus also rules your home and family sector, it's possible that any job interferes with home or family plans or has a long commute. 

Luckily, on August 11th, Jupiter will go direct in your salary house, so money matters should straighten out for you soon!

Ironically, however, that same day (Aug 11th) sees Uranus go retrograde in your relationship zone! Uranus will not go direct again until January 2020! During this time you may review or revise a relationship or home/family matter. If Uranus aspected a planet or point in your natal chart over the last few months, it will again sometime over the coming months. Look to see what house that planet rules for clues. 

August 15th then sees a full moon in your home sector, possibly bringing a housing or family matter to a head. Luckily, this moon will sextile lucky Jupiter in your money house, so it's possible you redecorate, receive money from family, move, or buy or sell a home. 

One thing to note is that the moon will oppose Venus and Mars (your ruler) in your career house, so you may feel torn between home and career needs. 

As the month continues, planets move into Virgo and your 11th house of friends and goals. On August 24th, Venus will conjunct Mars (your ruler!) in your goals house, and then go on to trine Uranus in your relationship zone on August 26th. Mars, your ruler, will make the same trine to Uranus on August 28th, and it will be the Sun's turn on August 29th. These are all great days to work towards shared goals, philanthropic projects, or attend social functions. 

August 30th actually sees the new moon in your goals sector (that's right- 3 moons this month!), and she's a lovely one! This moon will conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and trine Saturn in your communication house, as well as Uranus in your relationship sector. She'll also make a lovely sextile to the North Node in your 9th house of travel. All signs are pointing to a fun trip with a friend or partner, or the launching of a new event or project. 

The only trouble is that the moon will square Jupiter in your money house, and it will oppose Neptune in your love zone. You may owe some money at this time. 

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