Scorpio April Horoscope


This month has you focused on work and health, with a new moon in your 6th house on April 5th. 

The good news is that good luck Jupiter will make a gorgeous trine to the moon from your salary sector, suggesting you could get get a new job or assignment with a great pay rate! Alternatively, you might begin a new diet, health, or workout routine. April 14th is a day I absolutely love for all of these things, when the Sun in your work/health zone will reach out happily to Jupiter in your money house. 

Unfortunately, the moon will also be angry with Saturn, Pluto (your ruler), and the South Node in your communication sector, so it's possible that you have trouble on the job or with a co-worker, contract or health matter. It’s even possible you encounter difficulties with a vehicle or while traveling. Challenging days include April 10th, 12th, and 13th, when the Sun in your work and health zone squares Saturn, the Nodes of the moon, and Pluto, respectively, in your communication house.  

Luckily, these same major planets in your communication house get healing beams from Mercury and Venus in your love zone, helping to soften any blows. Good days include April 7th, 9th, 10th, when Mercury will blow kisses to Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes of the moon, as well as April 12th, 13th, and 14th, when Venus will do the same! These are all great days for contracts, siblings, vehicles, romance, travel, and creativity.

I also really like April 2nd, when Mercury will conjunct Neptune in your love and fun zone, and April 10th, when Venus will do the same! The latter date will be especially romantic! 

There is some big news going on this month, and that is the fact that THREE separate planets will be going retrograde- Jupiter in your money house on April 10th, and Pluto and Saturn in your communication zone on April 24th and April 30th respectively. 

It seems you could be making some big changes in regards to your finances. It’s possible that you reevaluate a job or even a career path at this time. You might also undergo a change in your financial status. With Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your communication house, you might fix up a vehicle ore re-evaluate a commitment or writing project. It’s also possible a sibling undergoes changes. 

April 19th then sees another full moon in Libra and your 12th house of closure. If you recall, last month's full moon was also in Libra, although that one was at 0 degrees Libra (the very first degree of the sign!), while this was one is at 29 degrees Libra (the very last degree!). Very early-born Scorpios will feel this moon the strongest, since it will be almost conjunct to your Sun. If you have a planet or point near 29 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer, you will feel this strongly as well, in whichever house that planet or point is located in your natal chart.  

This full moon, once again, could bring a chapter of your life to an end. Luckily, Jupiter will reach out happily from your salary house, so it’s possible you benefit financially from closing out a chapter of your life!

However, the moon will also square Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in your communication house, so it seems might encounter challenges as well. Be careful with your emails, tone of voice, and choice of words at this time, and also while driving or traveling. 

One final to thing to note this month is Mars' move into Gemini and your 8th house of shared finances on March 31st. It’s possible expenses run high over the coming 6 weeks (until mid-May). Mars is your ruler (along with Pluto) so when he changes signs you tend to feel it. The 8th house rules loans, taxes, shared income, intimacy, and sex, so these are all areas of life that could see more activity than usual. 

Shared finances and intimacy will become an even bigger focus in June, when a new moon graces this sector.

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