scorpio 2019 horoscope


Money, Income

Lucky Scorpio, this year is the best you've had in 12 years for all things money, money, money! That's because good luck Jupiter will transit your 2nd house of income, possessions, and stability all the way through December, woo woo! I'm sure that's a welcome relief after the last few years, when Saturn's tour of Sagittarius and this same 2nd house (up until the end of 2017) left you pinching your pursestrings. 

This is the year you could get a new, lucrative job or assignment, or get a raise at an existing job. You might also purchase new things for your home, or decide put down roots in some way.

I especially like the third week of January, when Jupiter will conjunct Venus in your salary house, and the pair will make a gorgeous trine to motivator Mars in your work house zone. This would be a great time to apply for a job or ask for a raise. 

In fact, this same week (January 21st) sees a lunar eclipse in your career sector conjunct the fated North Node. Even more evidence of job news! Just beware- Uranus will be angry at the eclipse from your work zone, so it's possible that whatever comes up is challenging. Perhaps in getting a new job, you anger an existing employer, or maybe you must get through a difficult project or moment in your career. 

Romance, Children, Creativity

This year also sees two mighty planets- Jupiter and Neptune- facing off 3 separate times- on January 13thJune 16th, and September 21st- in your money and love/children houses. It seems there could be some big changes coming to romance, creative projects, or any children in your life. You might even decide to have children this year, or learn of an unexpected pregnancy! 

The last time Jupiter squared Neptune was June 2012- when Jupiter was in your 8th house and Neptune was in your 5th. Did you experience any major life changes back then? If so, they could offer clues as to what the following year could bring. Before that, we look to January through September of 2006, when Jupiter in your sign squared Neptune in your 4th. 

Luckily, there is simultaneously a very stabilizing influence going on, and that is Saturn's sextile to Neptune in your love and children zone on January 31st, June 16th, and November 8th. Saturn's support seems to ensure that 5th house matters go smoothly, as Saturn looks to build a strong foundation for you for the future. Again, this could involve pregnancy, existing children, a creative project, a start up company, or love and romance. 

Communication, Siblings, Writing, Contracts

Now, there is a lot, and I mean A LOT, happening in Capricorn and your 3rd house of communication this year, suggesting challenges and change in regards to siblings, vehicles, travel, writing projects, and contracts. I'm talking 3 eclipses in Capricorn in 2019, as well as Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all transiting Capricorn all year, and finally Jupiter's move to Capricorn at the end of the year. See what I mean? A LOT IS HAPPENING IN CAPRICORN!

Saturn entered this house about a year ago for you, so it's possible that you've already seen changes to this area of life. You may have gotten serious about a writing project, felt difficulties with a sibling, or found your car breaking down one too many times. You might have even put your foot in your mouth on more than one occasion. Alternatively, you may be getting more serious about commitments in your life- breaking off some and formalizing others.

Pluto (your ruler) has also been in your communication house since '08, and has about 5 more years in this house. Additionally, the South Node entered Capricorn just this past November (2018), providing even further evidence that you're examining 3rd house matters this year.

Usually new and full moons and eclipses sweep change into our lives, and this year, the season of Capricorn kicks off with a solar eclipse on January 5th. With Saturn and Pluto conjunct the eclipse, and Neptune making a gorgeous sextile from your love zone, you might have good news regarding a writing project, sibling, car, or contract. Since the third house also rules commitments, you may make a romantic commitment near this time, or simply go on a romantic trip! 

It's possible this solar eclipse will offer you a much needed solution to any 3rd house problems going on. But if not, there's ANOTHER Capricorn eclipse 6 months later, this one lunar (on July 16th). This one will also conjunct Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune, and it's possible that anything you initiated in January bears fruit around this time! 

Fear not- you have another opportunity for change on December 26th, when there's yet ANOTHER solar eclipse, at 4 degrees Capricorn, and this one is the most beautiful one of all. That's because this same month sees lucky planet Jupiter enter Capricorn, and make a nearly exact conjunct to the eclipse. The eclipse will also conjunct Mercury, and make a beautiful aspect to Uranus in your relationship house. All signs are pointing to commitment at this time!

2019 will work hard all year to see you transform 3rd house matters, and it seems it will all begin to pay off in December, with help from this eclipse and good luck Jupiter. Jupiter's arrival will make any disruption this year worth it. In fact, I love December 15th, when Jupiter will make a gorgeous trine to Uranus in your 7th house of relationships.


Now, one area of life that seems to go swimmingly well for you all year is your 9th house of travel. That's because the North Node, which is a fated point and a very lucky influence, is currently transiting this same sector. You might go on some fun foreign trips this year, lucky you! 

The 9th house also rules education and big ideas, so it's this is an area of life that might come into focus as well. Perhaps you're accepted to grad school or receive a fellowship. 

Not only that, but there is actually a gorgeous solar eclipse in your 9th house of travel on July 2nd, making a lovely aspect to Uranus in your relationship house. The ellipse will also reach out happily to Neptune in your love zone AND conjunct the fated North Node. Again, all signs point to travel, and it seems you'll bring along a partner! You might even get engaged, married, or pregnant on this trip!