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Sagittarius summary horoscope

A month focused on closure, with a new moon in this sector on November 7th. Jupiter moves to your sign of Sagittarius, blessing relationships and identity through December 2019, although Mercury goes retrograde in your sign from November 16th to December 6th. The True Node moves into Cancer and your 8th house of finances and intimacy on November 7th. The end of the month sees a full moon in your relationship zone on November 23rd.


Strap on your reading glasses, kids, this one's going to run long. November has a lot going on, as major planets change signs, go in and out of retrograde, and generally make sure we're never bored!

With planets cruising through Scorpio and your 12th house of closure, this month sees you wrapping up old projects, relationships, and situations. On November 6th, the Sun in your 12th house makes a beautiful trine to Neptune in your home sector. It's possible you move, redecorate, or simply take it easy with family. 

Then, November 7th sees a new moon in this sector (at 15 degrees Scorpio), making a lovely aspect to Saturn in your salary house and Neptune in your home zone. Again, signs are pointing to home, family, and closure, and it's possible you get a little money around this time. 

Just be careful of a pesky square from bull-in-a-china-shop Mars, which is still speeding through your communication zone. It's possible you have some challenges with a contract, car, or sibling. 

November 6th/7th also sees a very interesting three-way aspect between Uranus, the True Node, and Jupiter (your ruler), all majorly important planets (the True Node is actually a node of the moon). Uranus will actually move back into Aries and your 5th house of love, fun and children on November 6th, but depending on the degree of your sign, you may still feel his presence in your 6th house of work and health instead. 

The True Node meanwhile, moves from your travel sector to your 8th house of shared finances on November 7th, making a downright gorgeous trine to Jupiter in Scorpio and your 12th house. You may get some money at this time- cha-ching!

With Uranus square to the True Node however, and inconjunct to Jupiter, it's possible that you actually have a large expense to pay off at this time, and that Jupiter swoops in to save the day.

If you have your natal chart, look up which houses envelop 29 degrees Aries (Uranus), 29 degrees Scorpio (Jupiter), and 29 degrees Cancer (True Node). Then you'll have some more clues as to which areas of life might be affected. 

We've been through so much, and we're only through the first week, oy! We're only just now getting to the biggest news of the month! 

You, my friend, become the most favored sign of the zodiac on November 8th, when good luck planet Jupiter enters your sign! Yes, Jupiter will finally leave your 12th house of endings and closure, and spend the next the next 12 months- until December 2019- in your sign, making you the star of the show!

This is a very fortunate aspect that only comes around once ever 12 years! It's the beginning of a new cycle for you. It's possible that any number of things happen in the coming year- you could meet a new special someone or even get married or have a baby. It's possible you achieve a career milestone or go on a once in a lifetime trip of some kind! Again, it's helpful to refer to your natal chart to see where your Sun is located.

Think about what happened about 11 or 12 years ago, when Jupiter last traveled through your sign- it might offer you some clues as to what to expect now. 

You could get a sense of what will come up as early as November 16th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. Try not to purchase anything new or make major commitments between November 16th and December 6th. Information will be fluid during this time, so you don't want to make any permanent decisions. Instead, use this time to review, revise, and analyze. 

Luckily, November 16th sees love planet Venus go direct, hopefully ending some confusion around a work, health, or friendship matter. 

Oh my goodness, this is so long and there's a lot more to go. If you need to take a call or something, go ahead, I'll wait. 

We back? Good. Ok. So, November 17th sees motivator Mars leave your communication sector and enter your 4th house of home. You might find yourself busy with home renovations or hosting family over the next month. Perhaps you're looking for a new place to live. With Mercury retrograde, it's the perfect time to rethink your space and even re-arrange furniture, but I'd hold off on buying new home items or signing a lease until Mercury stations direct. 

Then, November 23rd sees a full moon in Gemini and your 7th house of relationships (0 degrees) making a real nice aspect to the True Node in your financial house. Because the True Node is barely out of your travel zone, it's possible you hear good travel news at this time, perhaps going on a wonderful trip with a special someone. 

Again, Mars will be a bit angry at the moon from your home house, so if you are traveling for Thanksgiving, be careful when dealing with family and your partner- it seems there is the potential for tempers to flare! Maybe avoid politics this year (and frankly, every year!). Also, your ruler, Jupiter, and Mercury will oppose the moon, furthering the potential for difficulties.  

Luckily, onn November 24th, Neptune goes direct in your home house, hopefully helping you find a solution to any home or family problems. 

2 days later, on November 26th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in your sign! Ooh lala! The next day sees Mercury conjunct Jupiter (it did this last month too, but now it's in retrograde), perhaps bringing every more good relationship or career news (Mercury rules these areas of life). 

Look to see what comes up on November 30th, when surprising Uranus will oppose Venus in Libra. You might get some surprising news regarding a friend, work, or health matter (Venus also rules this area of life).

There's no question November will be a busy month for everyone, and I do so hope that you'll like the changes in store for you!

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