sagittarius monthly horoscope


This month sees your focused on friends and fun, with a new moon in your 11th house of social events and long-term plans on October 9th. The moon will make a lovely trine with Mars in your communication house, suggesting you could go on a short trip with friends. Unfortunately, the moon will square Pluto and Saturn in your money house, so do keep an eye on expenses. If you have to sign a contract of any kind, read it carefully to make sure you're not getting swindled. 

The end of the month turns your attention to work and health, with a full moon in your 6th house on October 24th. The moon will reach out happily to Saturn in your salary zone, suggesting you may get a new job, raise, or client. With Uranus conjunct the moon, it seems this could be a happy surprise! But with the nodes of the moon tightly square to the moon, it's possible that whatever comes up could interfere with a  planned trip or leisure activity. If you're driving during this time, please make sure your car is up to date on maintenance.