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A month focused on travel and education, with a new moon in this house on November 7th. Jupiter moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on November 8th, blessing career and status through December 2019. Unfortunately, Mercury goes retrograde in this same house of career from November 16th to December 6th. The True Node moves into Cancer and your 5th house of love and children on November 7th until June 2020. November 23rd sees a full moon in your home zone, bringing a housing or family matter to a head.

Get ready for changes, little fishy, as major planets change signs, go in and out of retrograde, and generally create some upheaval in all of our lives this month!

First, let's start with some exciting news. On November 6th, the Sun in your 9th house of travel make a beautiful trine to your ruler, Neptune, in your own sign. You might go on a fun trip or hear some good news regarding school or a writing project. 

November 6th is actually a pretty busy day in general, as this same day sees change-maker Uranus move back into Aries and your 2nd house of income, making a harsh square to the fated True Node in your work and health house. 

The following day, November 7th, the True Node moves into Cancer (your 5th house of children and love) and makes a downright gorgeous trine to Jupiter in Scorpio and your travel house. 

What does that all mean? Well, it could be that you go on a fabulous trip with a romantic fling. If so, it seems this trip will be full of romance and love- or at the very least, fun! 

Another possibility is that you could discover a pregnancy or welcome a child near this time. It's also possible you complete or hear good news about a creative endeavor. 

Since these planets are all on the cusps of various houses, it's difficult to say whether you'll feel this influence more in the area of travel, love and children, or finances, job, or health, so keep an eye on what comes up. If you have your natal chart, look up which houses envelop 29 degrees Aries, 29 degrees Scorpio, and 29 degrees Cancer. Then you'll have some clues. 

What makes me think it's more related to travel, love, children and fun, is the fact that November 7th sees a new moon in Scorpio and your 9th house of travel (15 degrees), ushering in a new vacation or academic-related matter. Luckily, this moon will reach out happily to Saturn in your friendship zone and your ruler, Neptune, in your sign. Just be careful of a pesky square from bull-in-a-china-shop Mars, which is still speeding through your 12th house of endings (I think we're all ready for Mars to scoot on out of Aquarius already, right?). So if I were you, I'd double check my itinerary, prepare Plan B in case of missed flights, trains, or rental car pick-ups, and leave plenty of time when traveling to account for mistakes or delays. 

We've been through so much, and we're only through the first week! We're just getting started! On November 8th, good luck planet Jupiter makes her annual transition, exiting Scorpio and moving on into Sagittarius- your 10th house of status, fame, and achievement! Wow! Think about what happened about 11 or 12 years ago. Did you achieve a milestone at work, a crucial promotion, or a little extra recognition? If you're younger, perhaps you were performing in a play or recital, doing well in a sport or extracurricular, or receiving academic acclaim? 

The next 12 months- until December 2019- will see you in another career peak- and you may achieve some long held goals. 

Here's the thing- you can't wait around for things to happen to you. It doesn't work like that. You have to make things happen for yourself, knowing you have some excellent celestial support in place. It also doesn't mean that everything you've ever wanted will just fall into place. You might get some fancy interviews and meet some fancy people, but it doesn't mean you'll land the job or become famous overnight. I'm not going to become the President of the United States just because Jupiter is in my 10th house of status, know what I'm saying? 

However, Jupiter will open doors and bring opportunities your way if you make the effort, so get out there and circulate! If you're an early born Pisces, you'll see benefits sooner; later born Pisces will see them in the first few months of 2019. If you know your natal chart, you can look to your MC (the tippy top point) to see when Jupiter will make an exact conjunction. 

When Jupiter conjuncted my MC (nearly 12 years ago now!), I did get a promotion (nothing crazy, but a nice small promotion and raise), but I also was accepted into a graduate school program. I ended up leaving the job where I was promoted and disrupting my whole life; moving to a different part of the state, and expanding my network and career skills in a huge way.

When Jupiter was in my solar 10th house a few years later, I didn't get a promotion (I had actually gotten a big promotion just before this transit happened), but I found that my career became the focus of my life in a big way- I met tons of new, important people and had new responsibilities. 

I give you my experience to say that a Jupiter conjunction to your MC does not necessarily guarantee fame and fortune and success on a grand scale. I do not want to set you up with an expectation that might not be met. However, there's always reason to dream and hope and try and work toward your goals. The day Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the US Supreme Court, Jupiter was conjunct his solar MC, so you never know! (He had some other negative aspects going on, accounting for the difficulty with that whole situation, and I was really hoping those negative aspects would tank the whole thing!)

Anyhoo, you could start to see changes to your career as early as November 16th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your career house. It's possible your job, title, or duties shift, or perhaps you're offered a job with an old company. It's fine to take it if so, but if you're looking for new work try to accept and start before November 16th or after Mercury goes direct on December 6th. If you don't, you might find your working situation is not what you expected or were promised. That said, I would never turn down a job I really needed just because Mercury was retrograde. That would be pretty silly. 

Mercury retrograde is never fun, but at least November 16th sees love planet Venus go direct, hopefully ending some confusion around a relationship or financial matter. 

Oh my goodness, this is so long and there's a lot more to go. If you need to go get a drink of water, go ahead, I'll wait. 

We back? Good. Ok. So, motivator Mars moves out of Aquarius (finally!) and into your sign of Pisces on November 17th. This is a very exciting aspect, that will give you motivation and drive to start new projects or push old ones. Mars takes just under two years to go around the zodiac wheel, so you haven't had him in your sign since January 2017. Think back to what was going on then, and you might have some clues as to what to expect. 

The only thing to watch out for with Mars in your sign is a tendency to be more hot tempered and trigger happy than usual, which could cause problems in your close relationships. 

Then, November 23rd sees a full moon in Gemini and your 4th house of home (0 degrees) making a real nice aspect to the True Node in your fun and love house. You'll be focused on both your physical home and your family members and children if you have them, perhaps celebrating Thanksgiving if you live in the US. 

Again, Mars will be a bit angry at the moon, so watch your tongue if you find yourself wanting to snap at an ignorant uncle. Also, Jupiter and Mercury will oppose the moon, suggesting that you may be preoccupied with career matters at this time, much to your family's chagrin. 

On November 24th, your ruler, Neptune, goes direct. Hopefully you've made some changes over the last few months that have given you a little more direction in life. 

2 days later, on November 26th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter, possibly bringing good work and career news your way. The next day sees Mercury conjunct Jupiter (it did this last month too, but now it's in retrograde), perhaps bringing good home or relationship news (Mercury rules these areas of life). 

There's no question November will be a busy month for everyone, and I do so hope that you'll like the changes in store for you!

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