pisces monthly horoscope


This month has your mind on your money, and your money on your mind, as a new moon breathes life into your financial sector on October 9th. The moon will make a lovely trine with Mars in your 12th house of closure, suggesting that a sale or severance could bring profits. Unfortunately, the moon will square Pluto and Saturn in your friendship and goals house, suggesting that you may also have to make a large payment. If you do make any money this month, save it, just in case you need to pay off a bill. It's also possible that a friend needs help of some kind. 

The end of the month turns your attention to travel and communication, with a full moon in your 3rd house of vehicles, contracts, and short travel on October 24th. The moon will reach out happily to Saturn in your friendship house, suggesting you may go on a fun trip with friends or complete a writing project. With Uranus conjunct the moon, you may get surprising news regarding a sibling or vehicle. With the nodes of the moon tightly square to the moon, it's possible that health, work, delays or mechanical issues could disrupt your trip. Make sure to have a backup plan just in case.