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Happy New Year, Lion! Did you check out your 2019 Yearly Horoscope yet? I hope so, because there's a LOT of info in there for you. Also, I cover a lot of January in the yearly too, since a lot is happening this month! Check it out to see how the influences this month will play out over the coming year, because January will actually give a pretty good preview of the year to come.  

2019 sees you focused on work and health in a big way, and the year kicks off on January 5th with a solar eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn and this same 6th house of work and health. This eclipse could bring news regarding a job or health issue. You might begin a new job or assignment, or begin a new diet or health routine. January is the perfect time for that, right? New Years resolution to get fit, anyone? 

This is a pretty nice eclipse, seeing as it makes a friendly sextile to Neptune in your financial zone. It seems a new job will help you pay off a credit card bill or loan. Alternatively, this could indicate a successful surgery this month. Some days when you could hear positive news about work/health/finances include the following; when the Sun sextiles Neptune on January 4th, Mercury does on January 14th, and Saturn does on January 31st

Now, Saturn and Pluto will both conjunct the eclipse, indicating that whatever comes up might be serious business. Saturn is the planet of stability and seriousness, while Pluto indicates transformation. It's likely that whatever comes up will be in place for a long time. You are not going back to the status quo anytime soon!

Now, do be aware that your sign is ruled by the Sun, and you tend to feel a little blue when Saturn is around. A day when you may feel run down or sad for no reason is Jan 2nd, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn. It will pass quickly so don't fret. 

Look to transformative work or health health news on the following days; when the Sun conjuncts Pluto on January 11th; when Mercury conjuncts Saturn on January 13th; and when Mercury conjuncts Pluto on January 18th.  

Although neither Mars nor Uranus will be within a 10 degree orb of the eclipse when it happens, both planets seem to give you a little bit of trouble in your travel house later in the month. It's possible that any work or health matters that come up could interfere with travel plans. Look to Jan 8th, 18th, 21st, and 23rd for times when work and health will be at odds with travel. 

Luckily, Uranus will actually go direct in your travel zone on January 6th, helping to straighten out any problems. 

Luckily, on January 22nd, good luck Jupiter, who is currently blessing your love and children zone, will conjunct Venus, and the pair will send a helpful beam to Mars in your travel house. This would be a great day for a date or to travel with your boo. 

Additionally, there's also a SECOND eclipse this month, this one lunar (January 21st), in your sign of Leo (0 degrees). This could bring a personal or relationship matter to a head, and is the final in the Leo/Aquarius series that has been taking place over the last few years. With the North Node conjunct the eclipse, the universe wants you to focus on YOU. 

Just beware, that with Uranus square the eclipse, again it seems that travel could be an issue. 

Another important influence this month is Jupiter's square to Neptune. Jupiter will be in your fun and love zone and making a square to Neptune in your financial house. It's possible that you will see big changes to a romantic, child-related, or financial matter this year. See your 2019 Yearly Horoscopes for more info on this influence, since it will actually crop up 2 more times in 2019. I wrote a lot about it in the yearlies. 

Luckily the month ends on a positive note on January 31st, with stable Saturn in your work and health zone sending a supportive beam to Neptune in your financial house. 

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