Leo monthly horoscope


You may decide to go on a fun weekend trip with the new moon in your 3rd house on October 9th. The moon will make a lovely trine with Mars (ruler of your travel house) in your relationship zone, suggesting this could even be a romantic rendez-vous. Unfortunately, the moon will also square Pluto and Saturn in your work and health house, suggesting work or a cold could spoil your fun. Eat your vitamins, sleep, and if you'll be driving, make sure your car is up to date on maintenance. 

The end of the month turns your attention to your career, with a full moon in your 10th house on October 24th. The moon will reach out happily to Saturn in your work and health zone, suggesting this new job could bring you accolades or status. With Uranus conjunct the moon, it could even come out of the blue! But with the nodes of the moon tightly square this full moon, it's possible that whatever comes up proves challenging in some way.