capricorn 2019 horoscope


Identity, New Beginnings

Out of all the signs, Capricorn, this year seems to be most pivotal for you. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, happening in Capricorn this year, suggesting some major life changes are in store for you!

I'm talking 3 eclipses in Capricorn in 2019, as well as Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all transiting Capricorn all year, and finally Jupiter's move to Capricorn at the end of the year. See what I mean? A LOT IS HAPPENING IN CAPRICORN!

Saturn (your ruler) entered your sign about a year ago, so it's possible you've already starting feeling the winds of change in the air. You might have gotten married or had a baby, gotten divorced or split with a personal or business partner, moved to another state or changed career paths entirely. In general, it seems you've been rethinking your whole identity, relationships, and personality. 

I know a person who became very powerful and important in his career during this transit; I know another who came out of the closet! And I know countless others who have either gotten married or split up or had babies as well. If you are living an authentic life, you might not even feel this transit as powerfully as some. Saturn works to root out weakness and inauthenticity; he's a harsh teacher but his rewards are many. By the end of this transit, you will likely have made some changes that have been a long time coming. 

Pluto has also been in your sign since '08, and has about 5 more years in this house. Additionally, the South Node entered Capricorn just this past November (2018), providing even further evidence that you're examining 1st house matters this year.

Usually new and full moons and eclipses sweep change into our lives, and this year, the season of Capricorn kicks off with a solar eclipse on January 5th. With Saturn and Pluto conjunct the eclipse, and Neptune making a gorgeous sextile from your communication zone, you might have good news regarding a car, sibling, contract, or writing project. 

It's possible this solar eclipse will offer you a much needed solution to any personal problems going on. But if not, there's ANOTHER Capricorn eclipse 6 months later, this one lunar (on July 16th). This one will also conjunct Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune, and it's possible that anything you initiated in January bears fruit around this time! 

Fear not- you have another opportunity for change on December 26th, when there's yet ANOTHER solar eclipse, at 4 degrees Capricorn, and this one is the most beautiful one of all. That's because this same month sees lucky planet Jupiter enter Capricorn, and make a nearly exact conjunction to the eclipse. The eclipse will also conjunct Mercury, and make a beautiful trine to Uranus in your love zone. It actually is possible you find love or become pregnant at this time (or have a baby!)! You could “give birth” of another kind as well- to a creative project or company.

2019 will work hard all year to see you let go of things that no longer work in your life, and embrace new beginnings, and it seems it will all begin to pay off in December, with help from this eclipse and good luck Jupiter. Jupiter's arrival will make any disruption this year worth it. In fact, I love December 15th, when Jupiter will make a gorgeous trine to Uranus in your 5th house of love, children, and creativity!

Closure, Release, Preparation

Now, as I mentioned, with Saturn, Pluto, the South Node, and 3 eclipses in Capricorn this year, you're likely to experience a lot of change and disruption in 2019, and at times, it could be difficult. This is further indicated by the transit of Jupiter for most of the year through your 12th house of closure, release, and acceptance. While this might not sound like the most glamorous transit Jupiter could make, Jupiter's presence here will offer you great protection this year and also prepare you for your year of new beginnings in 2020

The 12th house is the house of release and letting go, so it seems likely this year will be one of preparation, laying low, resting, and accepting change. It’s also possible that all of the disruption this year could leave you feeling anxious or sad about the past or future. Jupiter in the 12th will help you confront these feelings; it might even be worth seeing a counselor to help you work through them.

The 12th house also rules hospitals and institutions, so it's possible that you or a family member has to have a medical procedure this year. If so, Jupiter will help guide you through this time. It's also possible that this year will see you confront an addiction, mental health issue, or perhaps care for a loved one who is going through a hard time.

I know you're probably thinking- COOL FUN THANKS FOR THE GOOD NEWS- but don’t worry, I’m just laying out possibilities here- I’m not saying that you will definitely be institutionalized or having a hard time! The major thing to know is this; the 12th house is behind the 1st house, and come this December, lucky Jupiter will enter YOUR sign of Capricorn, bringing blessings and new beginnings to you! This is one of the most fortunate transits of Jupiter and only comes along every 12 years. Jupiter in your sign will be such a healing and welcome influence for you. 

Before that happens however, we want to make sure you're in tip top shape and feeling whole enough to accept these blessings. Jupiter must finish his tour of your 12th house, so this year will act as a sort of spring cleaning for you. Jupiter will guide you as you clear out the old and outworn in preparation for the new. You must heal any old demons and release outworn situations and people before accepting the good luck that will come to you in December.

That could mean that you examine a relationship that isn't working, a job or career path that no longer suits you, or address old thought patterns, addictions, or habits that are keeping you from living your best life. 

The 12th house is also the house of imagination (JK Rowling has a strong 12th house in her chart). It could be that your creativity is on fire this year. Good reason to work on that novel, painting, or screenplay this year! 

I really like the third week of January for 12th house matters, when Jupiter will conjunct Venus in your closure house, and the pair will make a gorgeous trine to motivator Mars in your home zone. This would be a great time to move or spend time with family. 

In fact, this same week (January 21st) sees a lunar eclipse in your financial sector conjunct the fated North Node. It's possible you come into some money at this time. Just beware- Uranus will be angry at the eclipse from your home zone, so it's possible you actually need to pay some money to fix a housing problem. You might also have trouble with a family member or landlord.   

Communication, Siblings, Writing

This year also sees two mighty planets- Jupiter and Neptune- facing off 3 separate times- on January 13thJune 16th, and September 21st- in your closure and communication houses. It's possible you get news regarding a sibling, writing project, or contract. The last time Jupiter squared Neptune was June 2012- when Jupiter was in your 6th house and Neptune was in your 3rd. Did you experience any major life changes back then? If so, they could offer clues as to what the following year could bring. Before that, we look to January through September of 2006, when Jupiter in your 11th house squared Neptune in your 2nd. 

If you're a writer, you might preemptively use this energy to make a push to finish a project you're working on. That is because there is another influence this year that is a very stabilizing one, and that is Saturn's sextile to Neptune on January 31st, June 16th, and November 8th. Saturn in your sign reaching out to Neptune in your communication seems to ensure that 3rd house matters will end up on a positive note. This is especially true for you, since Saturn is your ruler. You might buy or a fix an old car, finish a writing project, sign a big contract, or hear good news from a sibling. 

While Jupiter square Neptune invites change and disruption, Saturn will work to ensure that you are building a solid future. It appears any changes will be for the best. 


Now, one area of life that seems to go swimmingly well for you this year is your 7th house of relationships. That's because the North Node, which is a fated point and a very lucky influence, is currently transiting this same sector. Shared goals seem to go much better than individual ones. This is more evidence that you could very well get married or have a baby this year. 

Not only that, but there is actually a gorgeous solar eclipse in your 7th house on July 2nd, making a lovely aspect to Uranus in your love and babies zone. The ellipse will also reach out happily to Neptune in your commitment house AND conjunct the fated North Node. While I can't predict the future, it does appear to me that all of this change and disruption in your life will be because you are settling down and starting a family! At the very least your relationship will be infused with romance and fun!

If this is definitely not the case for you, it's possible that you take on a creative partner at this time, or experience good fortune in regards to a legal case you're involved in.