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2019 cancer horoscope

Work, Health, Daily Routines

The big news this year is Jupiter's transit through your 6th house of work and health all the way through December, helping you to get a new, better job, upgrade your office, hire an assistant, or heal a health problem. I'm sure that's a welcome relief after the last few years, when Saturn's tour of Sagittarius and this same 6th house (up until the end of 2017) left you dealing with challenges in this area of life. 

I especially like the third week of January, when Jupiter will conjunct Venus in your work and health zone, and the pair will make a gorgeous trine to motivator Mars in your career house. This would be an excellent time to apply for a job or ask for a promotion!

In fact, this same week (January 21st) sees a lunar eclipse in your salary house of Leo conjunct the fated North Node! It's possible any new job comes with a nice new raise as well! Just beware- Uranus will be angry at the eclipse from your career zone- so it's possible this will be a challenging time. Perhaps you must rush to complete a hard sale to a client, or maybe in accepting another job you upset your existing employer. 

This year also sees two mighty planets- Jupiter and Neptune- facing off 3 separate times- on January 13thJune 16th, and September 21st- in your work/health and travel houses. Again, this is pointing to changes big in your work and health life. Perhaps work or a job interferes with a planned trip, or maybe you begin to question your higher calling in life. If you're having doubts about your line of work, perhaps it is worth examining careers that are more in line with your values. You might even desire to go back to school or start your own company.  

The last time Jupiter squared Neptune was June 2012- when Jupiter was in your 12th house and Neptune was in your 9th. Did you experience any major life changes back then? If so, they could offer clues as to what the following year could bring. Before that, we look to January through September of 2006, when Jupiter in your love zone squared Neptune in your financial house. 

Luckily, there is simultaneously a very stabilizing influence going on, and that is Saturn's sextile to Neptune in your travel zone on January 31st, June 16th, and November 8th. Saturn's support seems to offer success to any travel or educational ventures, as Saturn looks to build a strong foundation for you for the future. 


Now, let's talk relationships, because there is a lot, and I mean A LOT, happening in Capricorn and your 7th house of relationships this year. I'm talking 3 eclipses in Capricorn in 2019, as well as Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all transiting Capricorn all year, and finally Jupiter's move to Capricorn at the end of the year. See what I mean? A LOT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP HOUSE!

Saturn entered this sector about a year ago for you, so it's possible that you've already begun to experience his effect. It seems something- perhaps a relationship or career goal- you began a while ago will either begin to bear fruit or fall apart. It is hard to know which way things will go, but Saturn exposes weaknesses, so anything that falls apart is for the best. Alternatively, anything that stands Saturn's tests will emerge even stronger. 

For instance, if you are in a relationship, you may now decide to take it to the next level- perhaps getting married or even having a baby. Alternatively, you might be seeing cracks form in a relationship and decide to break things off. It could also be that Saturn attempts to test your relationship- perhaps with employment problems, illness, or family trouble- to see if you two can handle it when the going gets tough. 

You could feel Saturn's effects in other ways as well- perhaps by either taking on or splitting with a business partner. With Saturn opposing your Sun, you might feel blocked by other people, so if you're having a hard time try to keep perspective and know that this too will pass. Make the changes you can and release what you can't change. And I know plenty of people for whom's Saturn's opposition brought them greater power and a fuller life, albeit with much greater resposibility and obligations- so it is possible this will be the case for you as well. 

Pluto has also been in your relationship zone since '08, and has about 5 more years in this house. Additionally, the South Node entered Capricorn just this past November (2018), providing even further evidence that you're examining 7th house matters this year. 

Usually new and full moons and eclipses sweep change into our lives, and this year, the season of Capricorn kicks off with a solar eclipse on January 5th. With Saturn and Pluto conjunct the eclipse, and Neptune making a gorgeous sextile from your travel zone, it's possible you decide to go on vacation with your boo. This is also a good energy to launch a company with a partner. 

It's possible this solar eclipse will offer you a solution to any 7th house problems going on, but if not, there's ANOTHER Capricorn eclipse 6 months later, this one lunar (on July 16th). This one will also conjunct Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune, and it's possible that anything you initiated in January bears fruit around this time! 

For instance, perhaps you begin to look for a ring to propose to your significant other in January, and you actually pop the question in July. Or perhaps a partner proposes to you in January and you get married in July.  

Alternatively, you may ask for a separation in January, and finalize things by July, although I must say the planetary energy is so nice that if this happens it really will be for the best. Same goes for a business partner. It could also be that you decide to attend therapy after one of these eclipses, which could help your relationship tremendously. 

Fear not, for you have another opportunity for change on December 26th, when there's yet ANOTHER solar eclipse, at 4 degrees Capricorn, and this one is the most beautiful one of all. That's because this same month sees lucky planet Jupiter enter Capricorn, and make a nearly exact conjunct to the eclipse. The eclipse will also conjunct Mercury, and make a beautiful aspect to Uranus in your goals zone.

I feel nearly certain that this eclipse will sweep loving change into any problems you may be having in a personal or business relationship. Jupiter is a gorgeous influence and will work to heal you! 

2019 will work hard all year to see you transform a one-on-one partnership, and it seems it will all pay off in December, with help from this eclipse and good luck Jupiter. Jupiter's arrival will make any disruption this year worth it. In fact, I love December 15th, when Jupiter will make a gorgeous trine to Uranus in your 11th house of hopes and dreams!

Personal Identity, Independence, New Beginnings

Now, it's interesting that you are evaluating relationships this year, because one area of life that seems to go swimmingly well for you all year is your 1st house of personal identity, independence, and personal goals. That's because the North Node, which is a fated point and a very lucky influence, is currently transiting your sign of Cancer. This is a time when personal initiatives go well- perhaps you apply for a prestigious school or job and get it. Maybe you achieve a goal you've always wanted, or update your appearance in some way. 

Not only that, but there is actually a gorgeous solar eclipse in your sign of Cancer on July 2nd, making a lovely aspect to Uranus in your goals house. The ellipse will also reach out happily to Neptune in your travel zone AND conjunct the fated North Node. This would be an excellent month to launch a long-held dream!

I will say, this North Node’s influence will make you much more self focused, and much less interested in compromising for a partner. This, along with Saturn's presence in your relationship house, makes me think that relationships will feel burdensome to you this year. Just how burdensome, and whether you continue with that relationship, will be up to you. Luckily, it's very possible that you have a loving partner who is willing to do some extra compromising this year so that you can focus on your goals. There will be plenty more years for you to return the favor!