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Summary Aries May Horoscope:

A friendly new moon sweeps new energy into your salary sector. A full moon in your shared finances zone could bring a financial matter to a head.

Extended Aries May Horoscope: 

As the month begins, you seem to still be cleaning up an issue related to personal projects and initiatives, as Mercury and Venus glide through your sign of Aries and make some mixed aspects to other planets. 

May 1st and 2nd bring some good energy to such things, as Mercury in your sign of Aries house reaches out to Mars in your communication house and Jupiter in your travel zone. You might go on a fun trip, sign a contract, or spend time with family. 

Unfortunately, those same days, plus the 6th, 7th, and 9th could bring difficulties to career matters, as these same planets anger Pluto, Saturn, and the nodes of the moon. Be sure to check out the weekly horoscopes every week for more details! 

Luckily, May 4th sweeps in new energy, with a gorgeous new moon in your salary sector of Taurus. Unlike last month's messy moon, which clashed with Uranus and Saturn, this moon offers blue skies ahead!

The moon will reach out happily to Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, and will also make a friendly sextile to Neptune in your closure house, as well as the True Node in your home sector.

You might get a new job, raise, or bonus, and possibly even a promotion and some acclaim! This job might offer a better commute or could even be a work from home position. 

Not only that, but on May 9th, Venus, ruler of your 2nd house of income, will reach out happily to good luck Jupiter, making for one of the best financial days of the year for you!

I also love May 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 16th18th30th, and 31st, when the Sun, Mercury, and then Venus in your salary zone all make loving aspects to Saturn and Pluto in your career house, the True Node in your home sector, and Neptune in your closure zone. These are great days to address money, career, and housing goals. 

Keep a special eye on May 8th and 18th, when Mercury and then Venus conjunct Uranus, possibly bringing surprising financial news your way. This is especially true if you have a planet or point near 3 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. 

I also love May 22nd, when Neptune in your closure zone will make a beautiful trine to the fated true node in your home and family sector. This would be a great day to spend with family, work on housing projects, or redecorate. 

Your 4th house of home is further emphasized this month as your ruler, Mars, zooms through it and reaches out to Uranus on May 22nd, making for a great time to purchase new decor or invest in upgrades. 

The full moon then takes place on May 18th in your shared finances zone, and lucky for you this is a gorgeous one (unlike last month's explosive one in your relationship house). The moon will reach out happily to Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, as well as Neptune in your closure house, and the fated North Node in your home sector. 

Again, this moon emphasizes money, career, closure, and family, and may bring an issue related to one of these things to a head. Perhaps you take out a home loan or purchase a house. Maybe you get a bonus on the job or close a big deal. 

As the month continues, the Sun and Mercury will then make their way into your communication house, shifting your focus to travel, contracts, siblings, and vehicles. Next month then sees a new moon in this same house, sweeping fresh energy into 3rd house matters. 

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