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A month focused on finances, with a new moon in Scorpio on November 7th. Jupiter moves to Sagittarius, blessing travel and education through December 2019, although Mercury goes retrograde in this same sector from November 16th to December 6th. The True Node moves into Cancer and your 4th house of home on November 7th. The end of the month sees a full moon in your communication sector on November 23rd.


Get ready to rumble, rams, as the sky is throwing a wild and crazy party this November. There's a lot going on, as major planets change signs, go in and out of retrograde, and generally throw a humdinger of a bash for us. 

With planets cruising through your Scorpio and your financial zone, the focus is on money, sex, and intimacy, a place you're pretty familiar with since Jupiter has been in this sector for the past 11 months. 

November 6th sees the Sun in your financial house make a beautiful trine to Neptune in your closure zone, suggesting good financial news today. 

Then, November 7th sees a new moon in this same 8th house (at 15 degrees Scorpio), making a lovely aspect to Saturn in your career zone and Neptune in your closure sector. You may make a sale, close a deal, or collect a severance or payout. 

Just be careful of a pesky square from bull-in-a-china-shop Mars (your ruler), which is still speeding through your friendship and goals house. It's actually possible that you could owe money at this time, or that a friend is upset or needs help. 

November 6th/7th also sees a very interesting three-way aspect between Uranus, the True Node, and Jupiter, all majorly important planets (the True Node is actually a node of the moon). Uranus will actually move back into Aries and your 1st house of identity on November 6th, but depending on the degree of your sign, you may still feel his presence in your 2nd house of money.  

The True Node meanwhile, moves from your love sector of Leo to your home zone of Cancer on November 7th, making a downright gorgeous trine to Jupiter in your financial sector. It's possible you buy or sell a home at this time, or perhaps receive money from family.  

With Uranus square to the True Node however, and inconjunct to Jupiter, it's possible that whatever comes up proves challenging. You may actually have difficulties with housing, family, or women. Since these planets are on the cusps of other signs, you might feel the challenges more in terms of money, love, or children. 

If you have your natal chart, look up which houses envelop 29 degrees Aries (Uranus), 29 degrees Scorpio (Jupiter), and 29 degrees Cancer (True Node). Then you'll have some more clues as to which areas of life might be affected. If you don't have major points or planets around those points, you may not feel this aspect very strongly at all. 

We've been through so much, and we're only through the first week, oy! We're only just now getting to the biggest news of the month! 

After spending a year in your financial zone, good luck planet Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and your 9th house of travel on November 8th. The next 12 months- until December 2019- could see you go on a world broadening trip. 

The 9th house also rules entrepreneurship and academia, so perhaps you start a company or maybe go back to school. Since the 9th house is 3 houses a way from your relationship house, it's possible that benefits come through in laws at this time.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is extra wonderful for you, because he is making a gorgeous trine to your Sun! This will give you confidence and drive to achieve your goals. 

Think about what happened about 11 or 12 years ago, when Jupiter last traveled through your 9th house- it might offer you some clues as to what to expect now. 

You could get a sense of what will come up as early as November 16th, when Mercury goes retrograde in this same 9th house. You may get the itch to plan a trip or look into schooling. 

While this is the perfect time to review, research, and plan, you may want to hold off on making any commitments until after Mercury goes direct on December 6th. I would not plan a trip during Mercury retrograde (you may have to re-plan) or begin an important initiative like launching a company. 

Mercury is usually not bad time to travel actually in my opinion. Though you may encounter some annoyances like missed trains or reservation mistakes, you get to avoid all of the annoying mistakes that happen in REAL life at your job or home. Might as well be on vacation, when someone else (a ticket agent, hotel concierge) can help you fix it, right? However, Mercury rules your communication sector Gemini, which could mean extra transportation or communication problems for you. Mercury also rules Virgo (and your 6th house of work and health) suggesting that these areas of life will see confusion as well. 

Although Mercury retrograde can be frustrating, luckily November 16th sees love planet Venus go direct, hopefully giving you some romantic or personal clarity since Venus rules Libra, your 7th house of relationships. Venus also rules your money house of Taurus, so this is an area that could gain some clarity as well. 

Oh my goodness, this is so long and there's a lot more to go. If you need to go get a workout in or something, go ahead, I'll still be here.

We back? Good. Ok. So, November 17th sees motivator Mars (your ruler!) leave your friendship and goals sector and enter your 12th house of closure. I'll be honest, this placement is not the most fun, mostly because the 12th house contains the things we often don't want to deal with such as our vices, mental problems, and secrets. 

A good way to use this energy is to clean house, both figuratively and literally! Clear out old junk in your house and your mind, and get rid of toxic people in your life. If you have a creative project you're working on, this is a good time to complete it. If you have a mental problem that's making you unhappy, see a therapist. If your body feels tired or sick, give her rest and relaxation. Soon Mars will enter your sign of Aries, and your energy will be back full force. 

Then, November 23rd sees a full moon in your communication house of Gemini (0 degrees) making a real nice aspect to the True Node in your home zone (you might feel it in your love sector since it's right on the cusp of Leo). It's possible you sign a contract near this day, go on a trip, or hear news regarding your home, a family member, or sibling. 

Again, your ruler, Mars, will be a bit angry at the moon, so there could be some challenges involved in whatever comes up. This is another reason why I would not recommend traveling around this time. Also, Jupiter and Mercury will oppose the moon, further suggesting travel challenges. 

Luckily, November 24th sees Neptune goes direct in your closure house, hopefully providing a solution to any mental challenges. 

2 days later, on November 26th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in your travel house, which could prove to be a wonderful day if you are traveling.

Another great aspect occurs on November 27th, when lucky Jupiter will conjunct Mercury in this same travel sector! Mercury rules both your travel zone and your work and health house remember, so look to benefits in these area of life!

One day to watch out for is November 30th, when surprising Uranus will oppose Venus in your relationship house. You may get some unexpected relationship news on this day. 

There's no question November will be a busy month for everyone, and I do so hope that you'll like the changes in store for you!

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