Aquarius monthly horoscope


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! 

This month acts as your own personal new year, water bearer, with the new moon in your sign of Aquarius on February 4th. Luckily, this moon is completely friendly, and will make loving aspects to Mars in your commitment sector and Jupiter in your goals zone. It's possible you go on a fun trip, throw a huge party, or complete a long term goal around this time. 

Good days to hold events or travel include February 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 18th. 

Avoid travel, parties, and celebrations on Feb 1st and 9th however, as Mars will make angry aspects to Pluto and then the South Node in Capricorn and your 12th house of closure.  

Then, on February 13th, Mars will conjunct surprise a minute Uranus (your ruler) in your communication house, which could bring surprising news regarding a trip, sibling or contract. Since Uranus is your ruler, it seems you could feel this aspect even more strongly than most. 

After that, on February 14th, Mars will move out of your travel house and into your 4th house of home and family. 

Switching gears, February 19th sees a full moon in your shared finances house, at 1 degree Virgo, which will trine Mars and Uranus in your home zone. This full moon could see you close a home loan, sell your house, or make an offer on a place. It's also possible that a partner brings home good money news. 

Not only that, but this same day sees Mercury, ruler of your shared finances house, conjunct Neptune in your salary house. All evidence is pointing towards good money news at this time!

Mercury in your salary house will also make some lovely sextiles to various planets this month, including Saturn (your other ruler) and Pluto in your closure house on February 19th and February 23rd respectively, and Venus in your home zone on February 25th. 

Mercury will also make a loving trine to the fated True Node in your 6th house of work and health on February 26th. 

The Sun in your salary house will also make a sextile to Mars in your home zone on February 27th. 

All in all, this is looking like a pretty smooth month- and one that could bring you some good financial news! Quite a welcome relief after 2 eclipses in January! So relax, enjoy the smooth sailing, and get ready for more good money news with the new moon in your salary house next month. 

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